Kathy Gerken



Kathy Gerken yearns to exist in a veterinary world where we can all thrive and not just survive.
As an Emergency and Critical Care specialist, she has been committed to providing quality veterinary education in the classroom, on the clinic floor, in the literature, and at regional and national conferences. 
When she’s not sharing her love of vetmed with students and staff, you can find her amongst the bricks of the LEGO world, napping with her cats, and attempting to figure out DIY landscaping. 

It is always okay to be wrong. It is not okay to be surprised.

Sharing knowledge is only a small part of the battle for me as an educator. It really is a much more difficult challenge to help individuals discover how to find knowledge and make the connections themselves. However, I believe that in the long run, it will make for a much stronger clinician. We strive to create veterinary professionals that are resourceful, creative, critical thinkers who are respectful of their colleagues and mindful of their clients.

Katherine Gerken, DVM, MS, DACVECC
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Who We Are

VetBolus was born when three friends wanted to make a difference in veterinary medicine. Kathy, Aaron, and Kendon want veterinarians to feel confident in their abilities and grow their skills.