Kendon Kuo



Kendon Kuo wants to live in a world where we rise by lifting others. 

As a specialist in Emergency and Critical Care, he loves taking the stress out of stressful situations. He has shared his enthusiasm at several conferences and his work can be found in respected veterinary journals and textbooks. 

When he’s not teaching on the clinic floor or classroom, you can find him drinking boba, watching too much TV, and riling up his kids right before bedtime. 

Take on me

Learning never stops. It’s humbling. VetBolus is our way of providing quality education around the world. Think back to your last “Aha! moment.” That’s what excites us! Lets unlock more Aha! moments together.

Kendon Kuo, DVM, MS, DACVECC
Kathy Gerken
Aaron Spacher
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Who We Are

VetBolus was born when three friends wanted to make a difference in veterinary medicine. Kendon, Kathy, and Aaron want veterinarians to feel confident in their abilities and grow their skills.